The pitch of Medulance has made Sharks Serious

The pitch of Medulance has made Sharks Serious

Many people in India are being killed due to their illnesses as well as not reaching the doctor at the right time.

At times, everyone does not have a car facility. Therefore, these people depend on the Indian government.

Medulance has decided that apart from Delhi, they will also provide these medulance in many cities.

Medulances are still doing their best on their behalf because any person does not lose his life due to the delayed ambulance.

Medulance Founder

The founder of MeduLance is Pranav Bajaj and Ravjot Singh Arora. They both belong to Delhi.

They meet Bajaj and Rao Arora through a common friend in 2016 when Arora talked about losing his grandfather due to the unavailability of an ambulance. Bajaj first worked with Zomato in 2015.

PitchersPranav Bajaj and Ravjot Singh Arora
Ask₹ 2 Crores for 1% equity
Founder of“MeduLance”
Founder of Meduclance

About Company

About Company

The goal of Medulance is to connect the ambulance directly by the driver and try to get the doctors, hospitals, and other facilities with the technology and economic system Powered by patient focus and technology.

The recognition of Medulance Air Ambulance, this concept is involving features like Ventilators, ECG, Stretchers, Mortuary Chamber, and other monitoring equipment along with CPR Kits to handle emergency times.

Medilance provides ambulances in 20 minutes with its helpline and support of Backend technology.

They provide quality emergency services in 500+ cities, available in 7500+ ambulance services. They offer a 24*7 dedicated helpline at 888-297-8888.

Company NameMedulance
IndustriesHospitals and Health Care
Value of Company200 Crore
Company HeadquartersNew Delhi
Company Size51-200 employees
SpecialtiesMeduLance was born with a simple plan: To make ambulances available for a largely unaware Delhi
About the Medulance

Medilance also types with its reported partners and 3 services provided by its specialized subscription.

Special Subscription Service

MeduERSStationed Ambulance Service
MeduClinicMedical Room Service
MeduAlertCovers corporate employees & 4 family members
Special Subscription Service

Medulance Revenue

Medulance has been 5 years today. Medulance is disrespecting more than 60 cities with more than 7500 Ambulances and smart ambulances today.

They saved the lives of 7 lakhs people and has also helped 2 lakhs Covid patient. They removed the ambulance response from 35 minutes to 11 minutes in a traffic city like Delhi.

The business is currently expanding in four business models B2C, B2B, B2B2C, B2G to provide more efficient medical solutions with the help of technology and network.

Medulance has a profit of ₹ 24 crores in the previous year and Medulance Net Profitability is 24%.

202122sales – ₹24 crores
202021 sales – ₹15.7 crores
202223 sales – ₹40 crores
Last month2.7 crores
Medulance Sales Revenue

Medulance Business deal in Shark Tank India 2

Shark Namita & Shark Aman’s Offer₹ 1 Crore for 1% Equity, ₹ 1 Crore Debt, Valuation – ₹ 100 Crore
Shark Amit’s Offer₹ 5 crore for 10% equity, valuation – ₹ 50 crore ₹ 5 crore for 5% equity, valuation – ₹ 100 crore
Shark Namita, Shark Peyush & Shark Aman’s Offer₹ 1 Crore for 1% Equity, ₹ 1 Crore Debt, Valuation – ₹ 100 Crore
Final Deal With₹ 2 Crore for 2% Equity, Valuation – ₹ 100 Crore with Shark Namita, Shark Peyush & Shark Aman.
Medulance Business deal in Shark Tank India 2

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