Lil Goodness Shark Tank India episode 48

Lil Goodness Shark Tank India

Lil Goodness Business promos do 2 types of chocolate tests by tying the eyes of Business Pitcher Sharke. Shark Piyush said that in his second synonym, sugar is looking more.

The founder said that with only the difference of taste, his lil goodness chocolate has been created, which has less sugar and there is turmeric that has 10 times more absorption power than other turmeric.

With such good things, you will learn complete information about the business of another healthy product with today’s episode.


  1. Pariksha Rao
  2. Harshvardhan S
Company NameLil Goodness
FounderPariksha Rao Harshvardhan S
Ask₹ 1 Crore for 1% equity
Founders of Lil Goodness

About Lil Goodness

Lil Goodness Shark Tank India

Shark Tank India Season 2 Lil Goodness Business is a Kid’s Food and Nutrition Startup in Bangalore. Their tagline is that Lil goodness nutrition tastes so good that shows their ambitious target well. its formal name is Happytizers PVT LTD.

He has given very unique common mangoes to the Lil goodness category, Such as soothe stress with dark chocolate, Power up with TEFF, Mood Lift with Milk Chocolate, Gudness of Jaggery, Bounce Back with Milkshakes, Marvel, Kiddleme Yogurt & Milk Squeezies, Gift Goodness, GIFT Goodness, Immunity Booster, etc.

Company NameLil Goodness
IndustriesFood and Beverage Services
Value of Company₹ 50 Crore
Company HeadquartersBengaluru East, Karnataka
Company Size11-50 employees
SpecialtiesKids food, Paediatric Nutrition, Marketing, Digital Engagement, Kids, and e-commerce
About Lil Goodness

Sales revenue of Lil Goodness

  • Lil Goodness started in 2018
  • They used 100% of cocoa butter
  • They used less than 35% of sugar.
  • Their chocolate is worth ₹ 20, which is a mixture of much better materials from the market.

Lil Goodness Sales Split

Milk Shake20%
Milk Mix5%
Lil Goodness Sales Split

Lil Goodness Gross Margin

Milk Mix59%
Blended Gross Margin66%
Last Month sale₹ 30 Lakhs
Lil Goodness gross margin

Monthly Expense split

COGS₹ 47 lakh
Lezysticks₹ 23 Lakh
Marketing₹ 19 Lakh
Salary₹ 27 Lakh
Distillation₹ 12 Lakh
Income₹ 11.5 Crore
Lil Goodness Monthly Expenses

Lil Goodness in Shark Tank India

Shark Peyush’s Offer₹ 50 Lakhs for 1% equity
Final DealShark Peyush’s Offer ₹ 50 Lakhs for 1% equity
Lil Goodness in shark Tank India

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