Soul Up Shark Tank India season 2 episode

Soul Up Shark Tank India season 2 episode

Shark Tank India Season 2 Soul Up Business promo video with great enthusiasm, Business Pitcher says that they are making a soul up peer to peer network which is the first platform in the world in which you are talking to pear for any emotional challenge Can No One Gets It. Till They Get It is their tagline.

Experienced things give a human being, teaching and giving a chance to grow in life also including personal beliefs and positive changes in emotions.

The new business will learn through this post with the comments and suggestions of sharks on such unique subjects.


  1. Punita Mittal
  2. Mahak Maheshwari
Company NameSoul Up
FounderPunita Mittal Mahak Maheshwari
Ask₹ 50 lakhs for 3% equity
Founders of Soul Up

About Soul Up

Soul up business is a platform in which a solution talk helps to provide medical relief with the communication of a solution interaction by sharing the practical experience of humans with a classified subject.

The correct mail and classification of Organized Large Global Network incorporate efforts to divide the same life contexts into 1-on-1 or group conversions and Peer Connect.

The formal name of this business is Auriga Technologies Private Limited. This gives the diverse experience of life with Serious Mental Health a detailed priority in conversation and gives the opportunity to make mutual development and understanding in that good experience.

They have created an opportunity to interact with inspirational parts for Relationships, Mental Health, Medical issues, Life Decisions, Parenting, Family, and many such self-growth subjects.

Company NameSoul Up
IndustriesSolution App
Value of Company₹ 10 Crore
Company HeadquartersIndia
Company Size1-10 employees
About Soul Up Shark Tank India

Sales Revenue

  • Soul UP business was started in February 2022.
  • They present this service in 21 languages.
  • 200 registered users are connected to Soul UP and 700 conversations have been held from their platform.
  • This conversation can be obtained ₹ 99 E for 45 minutes by video.
  • A Group Conversation Fee of ₹ 500 per user is charged per session.
  • In this, 50% commission is given to Facilitator to interact on such thoughts.

SoulUp in Shark Tank India

Shark Anupam and vineeta’s offer₹  50 Lakhs for 20% equity
Shark Namita Offer₹ 50 lakhs for 20% equity
Shark Namita’s revised offer₹ 25 lakhs for 10% equity
Shark Aman and Amit’s offer₹ 50 lakhs for 15% equity
Shark Namita’s Revised offer₹ 50 lakhs for 15% equity
Shark Anupam and vineeta’s offer₹ 50 lakhs for 15% equity
Shark Namita’s offer₹ 50 lakhs for 10% equity
Shark Aman and AMit’s revised offer₹ 50 lakhs for 9% equity
Shark Anupam and Vineeta’s revised offer₹ 50  lakhs for 10% equity
Final Deal₹ 50 lakhs for 5% equity Shark Namita
SoulUp in Shark Tank India

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