The Healthy Factory Shark Tank India

The Healthy Factory Shark Tank India

In the healthy factory business promo video, business entrepreneurs explain their products with great enthusiasm, making India’s first Protein Bread.

The health business has been presented on the stage of shark tank India at every level and Shark has always stated enthusiasm for such products, but many businesses have not received a deal for investment due to their commercial reasons.

For today’s business, we will try to know the entire conversation through this post.


  1. Vinay Maheshwari
  2. Mohit Sankha
  3. Jos Vast

About The Healthy Factory

This business presents nutrition and taste, science and nature, and love and care to you. They prepare a mixture of their products to make them nutritious, delicious, and healthy foods.

The Healthy Factory Business is the formal name of Nutri Being Pvt Ltd. This business is located in Mumbai. The Healthy Factory Business believes that the same food can provide a variety of nutrients, and is designed for production in three shelters with a desire to re-design nutrition without changing lifestyle.

He wanted to educate everyone on the idea of eating and told that “तुम वही हो जो तुम खाते हो”, on which expanded and presented the products for a healthy life.

Nutritious food can increase the productivity of a person three times. And finally, a healthy and happy person can change the world.

The Healthy Factory Shark Tank India
Company NameThe Healthy Factory
IndustriesFood and beverage
Value of CompanyUpdate Soon
Company HeadquartersMumbai, Maharashtra
Company Size10-15 employees
Special ProductsHealthy Food
The Healthy Factory Shark Tank India

All Products of the healthy factory

  • Zero Maida Bread
  • Protein bread multi protein
  • Zero Maida Bread Multigrain
  • Protein bread whole wheat
  • Protein bread – Multi protein-lite

Sales Revenue of The Healthy Factory

2019₹ 75 lakhs
2020₹ 60 lakhs
2021₹ 90 lakhs
2022₹ 37 lakhs
2023₹ 4.5 Crore
Sales revenue of The Healthy Factory

The healthy factory in shark tank India

According to sharks, there are many synonyms in this industry, for which there is a lot of preparation for business. They do not know about such difficulty in the market.

Investment form by increasing it. All the sharks did not feel right to work, so no sharks offer investment and there is no deal.

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