Shark Tank Indian Season 2 Episode 34 – Midnight Angels

Shark Tank Indian Season 2 Episode 34 – Midnight Angels

The brand is found by two sisters. She told her story, telling her condition where a point came, where her money was all over.

She picked up 5- 6 prints and posted them, then the founder’s paytm filled and then her sister was also filled with Paytm.

Founders of Midnight Angels

Founder of Midnight Angels

Parina Chugh and Puniya Chugh are sisters. They belong to Gurgaon.  Their father has a business in Guwahati.

Due to some problem with GST, her business was not running properly. Because of this, the financial condition of her house was very serious.

She did not knowledge about fashion and started the business while learning.

In this way, she took practical knowledge and made her Exclusive & Inclusivity in business.

Today she has set her own trends in sleepwear and travel wear and is the fastest-growing brand.

Company NameMidnight Angels
Founders of Midnight AngelsParina Chugh and Puniya Chugh 
Ask₹ 75 Lakhs for 6% equity
Founders of Midnight Angels Shark Tank India

About Midnight Angles

Midnight Angels by PC Business Internet is the first brand to provide comfortable but stylish sleepwear outfits for men, women, and children.

Shark Tank India Season 2 Mid Night Angels by PC is the specialty that presents a series of comfortable and fashionable nightwear collections.

Their attention is on the quality of the major features of Midnight Angels by the PC.

Their pajama sets are made using excellent quality clothing, ensuring that they are both soft and durable.

The brand proves its offer on its quality and expansion from sewing to the choice of fabric in each product.

Company NameAMRUTAM
IndustriesWellness and Fitness Services
Value of Company₹ 25 Crore
Company HeadquartersGurgoun
Company Size
Special ProductsNight suits for Men, Women, and children  
About Midnight Angles shark tank India

Sales revenue of Midnight Engels

  • They earned ₹ 80 thousand 2 days at the beginning of the business itself.
  • More than 1000 product range exists on their website.
  • ₹ 4.5 lakhs spend on marketing.
  • ₹ 650 is the Customer Acquisition Cost.
2021₹ 1.8 Crore
2023₹ 1 Crore
Last month20 Lakh
Gross Margin83%
Net profit20%
Sales Revenue of Midnight Engels

Midnight Angels in Shark Tank India

There is no deal due to differences in valuations.

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