Shark Tank India2 – Fatima’s emotional story

Shark Tank India2 - Fatima's emotional story

An introvert has one target in all of these Indians. If someone wants to find the market gap in it, then someone has to remove the problem of the world. And many people only have to earn money.

Cakelicious Founder

Fatema Barodawala and Duriya Barodawala are the founders of Cakelicious. Fatima and Duriya are coming from Kolkatta.

Earlier they used to make a cake for their friends and family, after which she started the Cakelicious business. 

The founder, away from her deteriorating wedding, is a business started in pregnancy and a business which was done for her self-response.

Fatima has a graduation degree in computer applications.  Fatima and Duriya are mother and daughter.

Company NameCakelicious
FoundersFatema Barodawala and Duriya Barodawala
Ask₹25 lakhs  for 5% equity
Cakelicious Founder
Fatema and Duriya in Shark Tank India2

About Company

Shark Tank India Season 2 CKELICIOUS Business is a business started in pregnancy away from her deteriorating wedding.

She worked for 18 hours at the time of its inception. While presenting designer cakes at parties and celebrations, she also left her job ahead.

Fatima and her mother said the cake is very delicious and delicate, but somewhere it happens that by the time the cake is delivered, the cake’s ripe shape changes completely and the fun of eating deteriorates.

She made a cake box for its solution. It is in 3 sizes and is available in more than 30 different flowers like mango Monday, walnut Wednesday and etc. 

They start making the cake in their home Kitchen. Today she has 2 kitchens and she has a retail shop.

Their goal is not just to feed cake to everyone, but every function is to make a cake as sweet as a cake.

IndustriesFood and Beverage Services
Value of Company5 Crore
Company HeadquartersKolkatta, West Bengal
Company Size2 self-employed
Business ProductCake
Fluffy Pies
Cake Tubs
Must sellingLotus Biscoff and Tiramisu cake tubs and 30 more
About Company

Sales Revenue

  • In 2020, CakeLicious was started.
  • They had achieved ₹ 30 lakh sales at the beginning of the business.
  • CakeLicious sells 500 Cake Tubes every month.
  • They have more than 2 lakh customers.
July 2022₹ 2 lakh
August 2022₹ 2.5 lakh
September  2022₹ 3 Lakh
Gross Margin60%
Net Margin40%
Sales Revenue

Sales Split

Offline Shop20%
Sales Split

CakeLicious deal in shark Tank India2

OffersAmount and Equity
Shark Amit₹ 15 lakh for 15% equity & ₹ 10 lakh debate @0% interest, valuation – ₹ 1 crore
Final Deal₹ 25 lakh for 20% equity & ₹ 10 lakh valuations – ₹ 1.25 crore.
CakeLicious deal in shark Tank India2

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