Shark Tank India Season 2 Subhag Health Tech Business

Shark Tank India Season 2 Subhag Health Tech Business

Sharks appreciated his product and market but Shark Anupam says that Cut and market appreciated but shark Anupam says that the founders are not completely dedicated to working and they are talking here and there.

Due to the interaction of the founder’s business approach, we will get an opportunity to learn by reviewing today’s pitch about the primary idea and preparation of the entrepreneur.

Subhag Health tech’s Business Vision is that they have to make home-based IUI Treatment Solution Provider in the World, free and reliably and reliable and reliably and reliably make themselves home-based IUI Treatment Solution Provider in the World.


Subhag HealthTech Business Founder is Zee Quang Jyong and Vikram Rajput. The company’s Headquarters are in Bengaluru, Karnataka.

Company NameSubhag Health Tech Business
FounderZee Quang Jyong and Vikram Rajput
Ask₹ 50 lahks for 1% equity
Founders of Subhag Health Tech Business Shark Tank India

About Company

Raising a family is a major component of the social system in India and the inability to breed a child of your own leaves an adverse mental impact.

These technologies were, though, intended to assist infertile couples to have children of their own, their usage expanded for profit-making, over time.

Company NameSubhag Health Tech Business
IndustriesWellness and Fitness Services
Value of Company₹ 20 Crore
Company HeadquartersBengaluru, Karnataka
Company Size11-50  employees
Special ProductsIUI, Home IUI, and Sperm Wash Device
About Subhag Health Tech Business

Product Details

Product Details
  • Subhag Androvash
  • Subhag v. convention

They share various information for health and treatment for mothers and motivated fathers inspired by IUI Insights on their website and treatment suggestions.

By adding synonyms for education like IUI Wellness, IUI Success Tips, and Know Fertility, they have worked closely on all options to resolve this problem, which can combine confidence and planetary relationship with results.


It is designed to a user -friendly at home and enables the patient’s too competent application.

Eliminates the requirement of unnecessary clinical mediators.

Currently, compared to the options available is several times more cost-effective.

Deep tech is efficiently capable of providing intelligent information that can have a concrete effect on the results of treatment.

Business Equity

  1. Vikaram – 65%
  2. Sohan – 4%
  3. Investors – 29%
  4. Chandan – 2%

In 2019, ₹ 1.5 crores.

Subhag Health tech was started in 2018. The umbrellas solve the problem of 80 million couples in privacy and privacy at home.

The MRP of Vconceive is ₹ 8 thousand and the selling price is ₹ 5000. They give this to the doctor for ₹ 4200 and the making cost is ₹ 500.

He has added his product to 20 hospitals and more than 300 clinics. Product Efficiency is 16% in One Attempt.

Subhag Health Tech Sales

FY 2020₹ 37 Lakhs
FY 2021₹ 52 Lakhs
FY 2022₹ 12 Lakhs
Sales of Subhag Health Tech Business

Andro wash Rental Price is ₹ 3000 to ₹ 5000 and a smart tube of ₹ 1200 comes.

Offers in Shark Tank India

Shark Vineeta’s Offer₹ 50 Lakhs for 1.67%
Shark Namita’s Offer₹ 20 Lakhs for 1%  equity
Subhag Health Tech Business in Shark Tank India

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