Shark Tank India Season 2 iMumz – Pregnancy & Parenting

Shark Tank India Season 2 iMumz - Pregnancy & Parenting

The Pregnancy & Parenting Business Promo Video has 3 Business Pickers and states that with the help of the iMumz Application, the mother gives the mother 24*7 guidance and gives it to Life Coach.

In the new age, there has been a lack of domestic help and understanding of the living tolerance of the Nuclear Family.

The recipe kitchen in season 1 came on stage to do his business pitching with that idea. In the expansion of this business, we will try to understand this new market with information and investment information on sharks.

Founders of iMumz

Founders of iMumz

Mayur Dhurpate, Ravo Teja Akondi, and Dr. Jaideep Malhotra are founders of iMumz.

Mayur and Ravi are college friends and hail from Bangalore. Jaydeep is from Agra. They graduated from IIT.

Company NameiMumz – Pregnancy & Parenting
Founder NameMayur Dhurpate, Ravo Teja Akondi and Dr. Jaideep Malhotra
Ask₹ 70 lakhs for 1% equity
Founders of iMumz Shark Tank India

About iMumz

iMumz – Pregnancy & Parenting aims to present a pregnancy app for new mothers, with the help of which they can provide various solutions for health and monitoring during online pregnancy.

Shark Tank India Season 2 iMumz – Pregnancy & Parenting Business is the formal name of Pruoo Health Tech Private Limited.

IIT provides facilities to change the lives of pregnant women and new parents through iMumz led by a team of engineers and doctors.

He has given results based on scientifically tested methods in association with top experts in the fields of psychology, Ayurveda, and neurology.

With help of the iMumz Pregnancy App for new mothers, mothers help in organizing all processes for them by becoming a complete monitoring and solution of their health.

Shark Tank India Season 2 iMumz – Pregnancy & Parenting Business tries to create a safe pregnancy environment for healthy and happy children.

Its mobile application provides medical information through AMA Sessions, attention activities, and mental exercise to help pregnant women to be healthy and stress-free.

Company NameiMumz – Pregnancy & Parenting
IndustriesWellness and fitness Service
Value of Company₹ 10 Crore
Company HeadquartersBengaluru, Karnataka
Company Size11-50 employees
SpecialtiesHealthTech, Pregnancy, Lifestyle, Gynaecology, Wellness
About iMumz

Sales Revenue of iMumz

  • iMumz- Pregnancy & Parenting Business founded in 2020.
  • The iMumz Application has been downloaded by more than 6 lakh people.
  • More than 8 lakh pregnant women have benefited from the services of iMumz.
  • His application has 1.1 lakh active users and 30 thousand paid subscribers.
  • The entire sales so far are ₹ 2.2 Crore.

Equity Ratio

Equity Ratio of iMumz

iMumz in Shark Tank India

Peyush’s offer10 lakhs for 1% equity
Final Deal10 lakhs at 1% equity
iMumz in Shark Tank India

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