Shark Tank India Season 2 Episode 39 – Crave Raja Foods

Shark Tank India Season 2 Episode 39 – Crave Raja Foods

Shark Tank India Season 2 Crave Raja Foods Business’s promo video is telling business pitcher -Our concept is simple, cooking separate brands from the same ingredient so that “Wastage Ho Minimum and Customer Satisfaction Ho Maximum”.

Shark Aman is also appreciating the taste of food. Crave Raja – Craving Kings is installed on the stage of Shark Tank India and two friends see what they talk about their business.

Founder of Crave Raja Foods

Founder of Crave Raja Foods

Subhabrata Ganguly and Soupaul Dey is founder of Crave Raja Foods. They belong to Bangalore. They both are college friends.

Ganguly and Supaul Day were working back in the same company as trading analysts back in 2018.

They are extremely emotional about food and think of scale to a business in a way that can complement their average-average jobs.

Subhabrata and Soupaul completed their graduation and master’s at the prestigious institution Presidency University, Kolkata.

They both must have experience in starts-up and used to work in one of the top global banks before shifting their full-time focus to the business.

Company NameCrave Raja Foods
FoundersSubhabrata Ganduly Soupauls Dey
Ask₹ 65 Lakh for 3% equity
Official WebsiteCrave Raja Foods Website
Founder of Crave Raja Foods Shark Tank India

About Crave Raja Foods

Shark Tank India Season 2 Crave Raja Foods does a lot of experiments with food and understands it with different food dishes, understanding the ability to make it very brand with a material.

Crave Raja Foods is headquartered in Kolkata and its goal is to expand it to the whole of India and Southeast Asia in the next two years.

He is one of the major promoters of the multi-brand kitchen concept in India.

Company NameCrave Raja Foods
IndustriesFood and Beverage Service
Value of Company₹ 21.67 Crore
Company HeadquartersKolkatta
Special ProductsGusto Pizza Fries
About Crave Raja Foods

Parents Brand of

  • Gusto Pizza
  • Burrito Pizza
  • Sandwiches, Omelettes, and Snacks
  • The Fry Raja

Sales revenue of Crave Raja Foods

  • Crave Raja Foods were started in 2020.
  • He increased the business by 25 times in the next 2 years using the limited resources available.
  • During a period like the Pandemic, this business employed more than 40 people in Kolkata and recorded very good profits.
  • Their waste is just 1% to 2%. And their sales so far are ₹ 4.1 crores.
2021₹ 2.56 Crore
2022₹ 3.25 Crore
Last Month₹ 19.5 lakh
Gross Margin70%
Net Margin3.5%

Crave Raja Food in Shark Tank India

They will be able to give less variety than other businesses according to sharks and they will continue to face difficulties to work on brand stability in the circle of the same product.

They will also not get clarity about the burns as compared to other businesses as they are quite in the business model.

Their offer and display their data. In the current situation, no sharks offer the deal and there is no deal.

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