Shark Tank India season 2 Conker world

Shark Tank India season 2 Conker world

Shark Tank India Season 2 Conker World Business’s promo video tells the founder that – we say that we say that there is no Job, the same industries say that there are jobs.

They say that in reality, we do not have skillful youth, and its solution is Conker App.

Where they do Skill Base Courses through experts. Along with this, they also provide Job Opportunities.


Arvind Arora is the founder and CEO of Conker World and A2motivation which has 25 million followers.

 Along with being Tedx Speaker and Angel Investor, he has also been Amazon’s No.1 Best Seller.

Conker World Business Vision is that they help students become capable and knowledgeable by providing training based on of skills of individuals and help generate income through the economy by investing a part of the amount.

Company nameConker World
FounderArvind Arora
Ask₹ 40 lakhs for 2% equity
Founder of Conker world Shark Tank India

About Conker world

Shark Tank India season 2 Conker world founder

Shark Tank India Season 2 Conker World Business is making online platforms to provide training based on the skills of individuals.

It helps, you can help in improving personal skills. Its formal name is Conker World Pvt Ltd.

The Conker App was initially known as the A2 App. In this, all the headlines for the e-learning platform of the new age are made in the era.

The Conkar app has been constructed keeping in mind the best in mind and with the correct kind of education provided online.

It has presented a solution to move forward in making a successful way for the youth.

Company NameConker World
Value of Company₹ 20 Crore
Company HeadquartersBengaluru, Karnataka
Company Size2-10 employees
About Conker World Shark Tank India

Sales revenue of Conker World

  1. The business of the 2022 Conker App was started on the idea.
  2. This app has received 4.8 ratings.
  3. Reviews have been given to more than 60 thousand conkers.
  4. They added learning content of more than 1 lakh hours to his application.
  5. More than 100 courses are presented by Conker World.
  6. More than 9 lakhs of this application have been downloaded.
  7. The last round valuation was ₹ 20.
  8. Conker World Lifetime Sales have been ₹ 1.2 crores.
  9. Last month, ₹ 22 lahks in sales business has been done.
  10. Their gross margin is 50% and the net margin is 8%.
  11. From the Founder’s A2 Motivation YouTube channel, they are earning ₹ 12 lakhs to ₹ 15 lakhs per month.
  12. There are 6 thousand of daily active users of the Conker World Application and the Monthly Active Users are 1.5 lakhs.

Conker World Final Deal

They do not offer any sharks at the level of this business with them and there is no deal.

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