Shark Tank India: Homestrap Fabric Furnishing

Shark Tank India: Homestrap Fabric Furnishing

Shark Tank India Season 2 Homestrap Fabric Furnishing Business presents equipment with new types of design to keep our Harroz accessories properly.

Hostrapy is focused on good design and prefers to make products that help people organize their homes.

Homestream is a leading e-commerce marketplace brand that sells products in categories like Home Storage and Organization, Furniture, and Art and Craft.

Founders of Homestrap Fabric Furnishing

Shark Tank India: Homestrap Fabric Furnishing

Priyanka as a housewife and mother bring deep and valuable consumer insight into business, approving every prototype with a deep eye.

He has studied symbiosis and IIMBX and ITM Mumbai.

Akash has studied Sidenham Mumbai and KJ Somaiya. They are the first generation of entrepreneurs in their homes.

He is a clever businessman who understands the skill of conducting business operations and he monitors all the concepts in this business.

Company NameHomestrap Fabric Furnishing
FounderAkash Mehta and Priyanka Mehta
Ask₹ 70 Lakhs for 1% equity
Homestrap Fabric Furnishing founders

About Homestrap Fabric Furnishing

Homestrap Fabric Furnishing Business makes such a thoughtful solution so easy to organize the wardrobe, that even a child can manage it.

Families can enjoy more free time to bond and relax rather than spending hours organizing their wardrobes from time to time.

They are digital-first home storage and solutions brands that are designed to make people’s lives easier and organize by solving the Great Indian Wardrobe Challenge.

Category of Homestrap Fabric

  • Wardrobe Organizer
  • Accessories Organizer
  • Under Bed Organizer
  • Drawer Organizer
  • Laundry Organizer
  • Shoe Organizer
  • Kitchen Organizer
  • Travel Organizer
  • Storage Baskets & Boxes
Company NameHomestrap Fabric
IndustriesHome and Furniture
Value of Company₹ 7.14 Crore*
Company HeadquartersINDORE, MADHA PRADESH
Company Size11-50 employees
About Homestrap Fabric Furnishing

Sales Revenue of Homestrap Fabric

  • Homestrap Fabric Furnishing has been started in 2013.
  • Research has shown that 70% of India’s 70% of India’s Home Storage Problems belong to the wardrobe.
  • More than two million orders are acidic by Homestrap.
  • Homastrep starts from 5-10 SKUs and provides home storage solutions up to 650 SKUs.
  • Homestream directly employs more than 200 women.
  • Homastrape has more than 1.5 million customers.
  • The average selling price is ₹ 505.
2016₹ 2.13 Crore
2017₹ 7 Crore
2018₹ 9 Crore
2019₹ 12 Crore
2020₹ 19 Crore
2022₹ 22 Crore
Gross Margin55%
Sales Revenue of Homestrap Fabric

Homastrape In Shark Tank India

Shark anupam’s offer₹ 50 lakh for 10% equity, ₹ 20 lakh debate @10% interest
Business Pitcher’s Counter Offer₹ 50 lakh for 5% equity, ₹ 20 lakh debate @10% interest
Shark anupam’s revised offer₹ 70 lahks for 10% equity
Business Pitcher’s Countter Offer₹ 70 lahks for 6% equity
Shark anupam’s revised offer₹ 50 lahks for 8% equity, ₹ 20 lahks for debate
Business Pitcher’s Countter Offer₹ 50 lahks for 7% equity, ₹ 20 lahks for debate
Final Deal₹ 50 lahks for 7% equity
InvestorShark Anupam
Homastrape In Shark Tank India

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