Shark Tank India 2 : Pitchers wanted Rs. 80 lahks, and all sharks are impressed.

Shark Tank India 2 : Pitchers wanted Rs. 80 lakh, all sharks are impressed

The idea behind this episode of Shark Tank India is to enhance consumers’ oral care experiences with their clean and effective products and how people can improve their oral health.

If you are interested in seeing a shark tank in India, then you come to the right place. All sharks are impressed by an Indian youth in the shark tank to explain their brand and products.

Here we will also share the link to this episode with you so you can easily see and enjoy it. We are sharing details of shark tank India’s judge in details. We are going to help you with all the details in the box below.

Perfora Founder

The founder of perfora is jatan bawa and tushar khurana. They both come from different sites but they both graduated from Delhi University in Commerce.

Jatan Bawa is from Maharashtra and Tushar Khurana Comes from Haryana. Tushar acts as a sales and accountant in his company, and jatin’s work is to develop products, supply, and brand communication.

PitchersJatan Bawa Tushar Khurana
Founder ofPerfora (Oral Care)
Ask₹ 80 lakhs  for 1% equity
Official Website
Founder of Perfora

About the Perfora

About the Perfora Brand

The toothpaste we use can be very harmful to our teeth and body because they use harmful ingredients such as Sodium Phosphate and Other Harmful Ingredients.

Purfora is the first company in India to create safe and certified toothpaste which is made with effective ingredients and natural flavors.

This is a quite unique oral brand that not only produces toothpaste but also produces teeth white products, alcohol-free mouthwash, smart electric brushes, and personal electric toothbrushes.

It is a brand of India in which all their toothpaste is made of natural and beneficial items. Parfora began in August 2021 and now the company served more than 40000 customers. The vision of this company is to sell its product to more than 100 million customers.

Company NamePerfora
IndustriesOral care
Value of Company80 Crore
Company Size11to 50 employees
HeadquartersGurgaon, Haryana
ProductToothpaste Teeth whitening Products Alcohol-free mouthwash Smart electric brush Smart water flosser personalized electric toothbrush
CompetitorsBamboo India, Sippline, Buy91, Darybreak
Regular IngredientsMenthol, Spearmint oil, Aloe vera, Tulsi leaf extract, Green tea extract, Peppermint leaf oil, Neem extract, Lemon peel oil, Tea tree oil
About Perfora

Sales revenue

The actual price of 100 grams product 100 and Purfora gets Rs. Sells in 249.

That way they get 13 crores out of 2 crores in 2021. It is a net sales of 77 lakhs and burns 27 lakhs. In February 2022, Rs 7 Crore was raised on the evaluation of Rs 39 crore.

Gross Margin57%
Marketing expenditure45%
Sales revenue of Perfora

In shark Tank India 2

Shark tank’s judge Vanita and Namita gave an offer of 80 lacs for 4% equity and other sharks also offer to him who is Peyush, Namita, and vineeta give an offer for 80 lac for 2.5% equity and Perfora with these people finalized this deal.

Owner Ask80 lacs for 1% equity
Valuation80 Crore
Final Deal80 lakh for 2.5% equity
Deal withPeyush Bansal Namita Thapar
Vineeta Singh
Perfora in Shark Tank India

Brand certification

Purfora claims that it is India’s first and only Indian brand they have a safe certification form that has been obtained by safe cosmetics Australia. This certificate is for all products 85%* free form is toxic and duplicate chemicals.

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