Same Notification Shark Tank India

Same Notification Shark Tank India

This can immediately send notifications from one phone to another phone. Who messaged, what did you message, at what time you have messaged, all can do with details.

Given the ability of the unique idea, Shark Aman says that these do not let it be telecast and shark Vinita says that it will be used to use girlfriends, boyfriends, husband and wife, and shark Anupam tells it to tell him the atmosphere of humor and tells that Look here on whom are sweat coming.

Making enthusiasm with all such things, we will try to talk in detail about why such Same Notification Android Application was created.


  1. Eliesh Kumar Sharma

He is from Ahmedabad and has created 4 applications. He has studied L.D.College of Engineering Automobile.

He has created Pause It, Status Saver & Tools, Text Stickers and Wallpapers, Pause It Pro (Paid), and Same Notification.

Out of this, the Pause it Pro Paid Application is all other free applications.

Company NameSame Notification
FounderEliesh Kumar Sharma
Ask₹ 25 lakhs for 15% equity
Same Notification Founders

About Same Notification

Same Notification Shark Tank India

Shark Tank India Season 2 Same Notification Business has created such an application, by downloading, you can also get the notification of one device in another device by connecting two devices.

This is specially designed to protect children. The good options online are also available to wander.

Therefore, through this application, you can use all notifications or so many applications using it for the care of your loved ones.

Shark Tank India Season 2 Same Notification Business can also download on your computer device with the help of a Game loop Emulator.

This is not made up with the idea of removing someone’s privacy, but rather, making the proximity of relationships, involving transparency in their interest, involving their every activity, maintaining procedures with confidence, and agreeing to each other.

Company NameSame Notification
Value of Company₹ 1.67 Crore
Company HeadquartersAhmedabad, India
Company Size1-2 employees
Same Notification About

Use of the Same Notification

  • Real-time to monitor the information of the device connected.
  • If the child removes the notification, it is still shared with the parents’ device.
  • Makes you capable of tracking the information of young family members.

Same Notification on Shark Tank India

All the sharks expressed great confidence in the founder and told that they are it is a good thing, but their desire should not be juggled.

It is working on a very sensitive subject, which can be closed on its own. Also, a large scale can be considered, so that parenting utility can be created and its usefulness can be used by the right people.

The shark proposed to join him in the future but did not offer any offer to the founder and there is no deal.

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