Pabiben Rabari Embroidery Handcraft Products

Pabiben Rabari Embroidery Handcraft Products

Shark Tank India Season 2 Pabiben Rabari Embroidery Business’s Pro is being presented several days before the video episode.

We are going to talk here of Pabiben who is a valuable example of her society which has taken our culture together and has been in her business.

As a business entrepreneur, the woman has interacted with sharks about the product known on stage in the village Rabbari clothes.

Pabiben’s famous Line

“हम में से प्रत्येक अपनी लड़ाई लड़ रहा है, लेकिन जितना हम दृढ़ से दृढ़ होंगे, हम अपने लक्ष्य तक पहुंचेंगे।”

Pabiben Rabari

Founder of Pabiben

Pabiben Rabari is the founder of “PABIBEN RABARI” brand.  Pabiben is from Gujrat. In Gujarat, Kutch is its center, where culture is celebrated

“Pabiben Rabari believes that education is not the only way to success.”

Their goal is to keep moving forward in life. By telling some of these principles in her own words, She has also given courage to other women.  

She considers herself an artist and Businesswomen. Nilesh Priyadarshi and Nupur Kumari are also associated with her business.

Pabiben Rabari is born in Kukadsar village of Kutch, Gujarat. Her mother Tejuben was a widowed mother of three daughters, so education was a distant dream for her.

Being the biggest Pabiben, she used to help her mother by bringing water to the village on a minor wage of 1 rupee.

Pabiben’s life changed when she decided to work with the art of traditional Rabari embroidery.

Pabiben Rabari Embroidery innovated a machine application that became popular as Pabi Zari. Today her designs are depicted in Bollywood and among customers from all over the world.

Company NamePabiben
FounderPabiben Rabari
Co-founderNilesh Priyadarshi and Nupur Kumari
Ask₹ 50 lakhs for 5% equity
Founder of Pabiben

About Pabiben Company

Pabiben with Amitab Bachhan

Shark Tank India Season 2 Pabiben Rabari Embroidery Business @KaarigarClinic initiative, Artisans are dedicated to becoming examples for all rural artisans, presenting the artisans as independent entrepreneurs.

To enable these artisans, she has come up with an initiative called Artisan Clinic that supports rural artisans so that they can also have big dreams and shape their future.

The first artisan-owned brand founder female entrepreneur is celebrating the local Handmade Local Gift.

PabiBen and Her other 2 founders, all have the same equity 33.33%. They also sell products on their website. In this business, there are 3 departments.

  2. Kaarigari Clinic
  3. Kaarigar ki Dukan

Products of Pabiben

Laptop BagsGiftsDiary and Frames
Cushion CoverDupattaSaree
ShirtsTrayPassport Cover
Sling BagsClutchesTote Bags
Shoulder BagsPotlisHome Decoration pieces
Pabiben’s Products

Sales Revenue of Pabiben

  • In 1998, Pabiben joined a Rabari women’s group and worked on her embroidery skills.
  • The goal of Pabiben Business is to develop 1000 artisan entrepreneurs in rural India and cooperate to make a livelihood for 1,00,000 families.
  • Pabiben Rabari has given employment to more than 300 women to live with respect.
  • Pabiben is more than 500 Stock-Keeping Units.
201920 sales – ₹ 34 Lakhs
202021 sales – ₹  29 Lakhs
202122 sales – ₹ 36 Lakhs
Total Selling2 Crore
Gross Margin50%
Net Margin35%
Sales revenue of Pabiben company

Pabiben in Shark Tank India2

Shark Namita’s Offer₹ 5 lakh for 2% equity, valuation – ₹ 2.5 crore, and ₹ 45 lakh Debt for 0% Interest
Final Deal₹ 10 lakh for 5% equity, valuation – ₹ 2 crore
Pabiben in Shark Tank India2

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