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Best Happy Gifts

Shark Tank India Season 2 Oye Happy Business promo video says that they have introduced – bedroom gifts, which are entertaining, naughty, and made in India.

Explaining such new tips, sharks joke to the pitcher, asking the questioning that – ” थप्पड़ मारके घरसे निकाला नहीं तुमको” on which the founders said that does not know about the Naughty Gifts Range to their families.

On which the shark Anupam says – “Only you have come on National TV. And so much laughter was not over and shark Namita asked – “But where did you come from?” “On which the shark, Anupam.

Then creating an atmosphere of laughter, says that-” Frustration se ” and all laughter come in the mood of jokes. The Naughty Gifts Products and Gifting Products by Business Pitcher have been seen in detail about it.


Harsh Khemani and Varun Thodi are the founders of this company they are from Hyderabad and they are cousins.

Company nameOye Happy Best Gifts
FoundersHarsh Khemani and Varun Thodi
Ask₹ 50 lakhs for 1% equity
Oye Happy Best Gifts Founders

About Oye Happy Best Gifts

Best Happy Gifts

Shark Tank India Season 2 Oye Happy Business is one of the new gift companies in India that manufactures unique products in the country before.

The formal name of this company is Oye Happy Giftcom PVT. LTD and the headquarters is located in Hyderabad. In this gifting D2C brand, free shipping can be achieved by the synonym of delivery across India.

They can choose the origin of the tips by creating many types of classes in the world. He has presented the main four types on his platform.

  • Oye Happy birthday gift
  • Oye Happy Naughty Gifts
  • Oye happy birthday gifts by Occasion
  • Oye Happy gifts by relationship

They understand the feelings of all and present chains of products, which are also provided by products and products.

Apart from this, they also provide customized gifts and personalized gift product ranges.

For example, his series of mischievous gifts has given Indians the option to give their partner to the board game and the first night.

Along with these new synonyms, they also make a gift for those who do not believe in physical gifts and want to express their words and feelings with thoughts.

Eco-friendly gifts for mothers or Elders, a Range of Social Gifts for these customers. They also sell products with the idea of Donate to a Cause.

In Oye Happy Greetings Range, new and unique synonyms such as LED-Equipped Cards, Musical Cards, and Interactive Cards are made even more special.

Similarly, they have changed the presentation of papers by presenting many customized gifts and concept-based ideas to keep your loved one in a surprised mood throughout the day, week, or month.

Sales revenue

2021₹ 10.5 Crores
Oye Happy Best Gifts Sales Revene

Sales Splits

Naughty Gifts15%
Other Categories85%
Gross Margin80%
Oye Happy Best Gifts Sales Splits

Margins Split

Oye Happy Best Gifts

Oye Happy Gifts in Shark Tank India

Right now their business is going well, they should pursue them on their own. No sharks offer and there is no deal.

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