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Nowadays, all parents have to show and learn everything to their children on mobile and tablet itself.

At such a time, Holokitab has discovered a lot of books, taking care of the children’s future.

This book is not a normal book, but with the help of Ar. With technology and 3D Technology, you can scan every image on the paper and see its live animated picture.

Seeing this, Shark Piyush appreciates this invention very much

Founder Of HoloKitab

The founder of HoloKitab is Deepanshu Bajaj and Nikhil Milgani. They both belong to Jalandhar, Punjab.

Company NameHoloKitab
FounderDeepamshu Bajaj and Nikhil Milgani
Ask₹ 45 lahks for 20%  equity
Official Website https://www.holokitab.in/
Founder of HoloKitab

About Company


With this Holobook, the children will be able to see the image given in all the books in 3D effects and will be able to do the right pronunciation.

In Shark Tank India Season 2 Holokitab Business, they can include the necessary practical education in today’s era, by designing creative and careful books and real materials.

Holokatit can be used as authentic school books with additional facilities for immersive learning.

Holokitab Business believes that books will always be the best primary source of learning. Learning from the video is a new trend, but it is a passive activity.

Studies have shown that the human brain retains more information when it is obtained for a long time.

Company NameHoloKitab
IndustriesE-Learning Provides
Value of Company1.8 Crore
Company HeadquartersJalandhar, Punjab
Company Size2-10 employees
Special ProductsAugmented reality, Children’s Books, Educational Toys, and STEM Toys
About HoloBook

Special Features

  • HD Graphics
  • Natural Voiceovers
  • Interactive 3D animations
  • Combined with Physical Products

Sales Revenue of HoloKitab

  • In 2020 HoloKitab realized a mobile-based platform providing interactive 3D textbooks
  • More than 1000 HoloKitab applications were downloaded.
  • Make a contract of 4 to 5 years and charge the service fee according to 10% of MRP.
2021₹ 10 lakhs
2022₹  3 Lakhs
HoloKitab Sales Revenue

HoloKitab In Shark Tank India2

Shark Namita’s offer₹ 45 lakhs for 25% equity
ConditionTo expand in  other industries Change in Revenue Model
Final DealNamita – ₹ 45 lakhs for 25% equity
HoloKitab In Shark Tank India2

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