DesmondJi shark Tank India Season 2 Episode 38

DesmondJi shark Tank India Season 2 Episode 38

In the promo video of Shark Tank India Season 2 Desmondji Business, the founder says that he has started making Premium Agave Spirit from the plant mentioned in the picture and has presented a new alcohol category to India.

Shark Anupam tells them that seeing his dress, it feels like he has come up directly from the bed of Goa and holds the flight, and came onto the stage of Shark Tank India.

Founders of DesmondJi

DesmondJi shark Tank India Season 2 Episode 38

Desmond Nazareth is the founder of DesmondJi. Desmondji is created by Desmond Nazareth with love and patience.

He is an alumnus of the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Madras, and Temple University, Philadelphia, who has studied mechanical engineering and film.

Desmond is an experienced entrepreneur in which the Y2K software is one of the initial explorers and fixers of the problem.

Company NameDesmongJi
FounderDesmond Nazareth
Ask₹ 1 Crore for 1% equity
Founders of DesmondJi Shark Tank India

About DesmondJi

The desmondji business vision provides a homegrown Crafted LIQUEURS range using Made in India by using India’s meetings.

Shark Tank India Season 2 Desmondji Business or DJ 44 acres established in India’s First Official Craft Distillery Set is an artisanal brand.

They create products by crafts on every grip with high standards. Demondji is used to create Sprit and Licker from the best quality natural materials held from places in India.

He has created a business of production and sales of various liquor with the idea of Field-to-Bound and Forest-to-Bastal.

Desmondji Product Indian Alcobev is unique in Space, as they have created an Indian Brand’ following international standards and processes.

Desmandji uses Inhouse Business Processes in every aspect of distillation, signature bottle design, and labeling.

Company NameDesmondJi
IndustriesFood and beverage
Value of Company₹ 100 Crore
Company Size11-50 employees
Company HeadquartersGoa
SpecialtiesDJ 100% agave, DJ 51% Agave DJ Mahua, DJ Mahia leqeur, DJ Orange Liqueur, DJ Blue Margarita, DJ Blue Curacao, DJ pure Care
About DesmondJi

Sales revenue of DesmandJi

  • Desmondji was launched in 2007.
  • In the year 2000, after 18 years in America, Desmond returned to India in the last 20 years, traveled across the country in search of local and indigenous spirit and their natural material habitats, and built Desmondji.
  • Desmondji’s lifetime sales are 12 million bottles.
  • Their products are present in 3 states and 2 union territories.
2021₹ 7.5 Crore
2022₹ 14.5 Crore
2022₹ 12.45 Crore
2023₹ 5 Crore
Gross Margin65%
Net Profit₹ 2.5 Crore
Sales revenue of DesmandJi Shark Tank India

DesmandJi Business Equity

DesmandJi Business Equity Shark Tank India

DesmandJi in Shark Tank India

According to the sharks, he has dialed a lot of equity and his product has not been made a brand due to B2B.

No matter how good the deal is given now, after giving equity, there will be no possibility of giving equity in business and investment.

The balance of data can come and stop here. So no sharks offer for investment.

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