Cremeitalia Shark Tank India Episode 38

Cremeitalia Shark Tank India Episode 38

Shark Tank India Season 2 Promo Video of Creditalia Business is talking about the new category of healthy and tasty cheese products.

We all love the taste of cheese and it is presented in many ways in the restaurant in the market. But we do not know about the effect and quality of their health.

This business has picked the business of selling the same tastes of cheese as Premium Milk Product Cheese Range.

Founders of Cremeitalia

Founders of Cremeitalia Shark Tank India

Mr. Rajas Dhote is founder of Cremeitalia. Mr Prateek Mittal is co founder of Cremeitalia. They belong to Mumbai, Maharashtra.

Cremeitalia’s vision is that make a detailed choice for each consumer and provide better products with the values of authenticity, freshness, and premium goodness.

Company nameCremeitalia
FounderMr. Rajas Dhote and Mr. Prateek Mittal
Ask90 lakhs for 1.5% equity
Official Website
Founders of Cremeitalia Shark Tank India

About Cremeitalia

The mission of Cremeitalia Favorite Gourmet Cheese is to bring high-quality dairy products to everyone’s table.

They focus so much on milk, Which is particularly imported from Europe. Cremetalia says that there is nothing better than European milk for delicious, creamy, and delightful things.

Their authentic process makes their products tasty.

Company NameCremeitalia
Value of Company4.5 Crore
Company Size2-10 employees
Company HeadquartersMumbai, Maharashtra
Special ProductsDifferent Verity of Cheese
About Cremeitalia Shark Tank India

Special Products of Cremeitalia

Cremeitalia BurrataCremeitalia Fiordilatte CherryCremeitalia Sour Cream
Cremeitalia MascarponeCremeitalia Mix Herb CheeseCremeitalia Smoked Scamorza
Cremeitalia Oregano Spice Mix DipCremeitalia Chipotle DipCremeitalia Fiordilatte Bocconcini
Cremeitalia Natural Cream CheeseCremeitalia RicottaCremeitalia Fiordilatte Pizza Cheese Block
Cremeitalia Paprika CheeseCremeitalia African Peri Peri DipCremeitalia Ranch Dip
Special Products of Cremeitalia

Sales revenue of Cremeitalia

  • Cremeitalia is starting in 2018.
Monthly Sales₹ 62 lakhs
Last Month Sales₹ 9 lakhs
Retails Profit50%
Net Margin21%
Special Products of Cremeitalia Sharl Tank India

Cremeitalia in Shark Tank India

According to the sharks, they do not know their figures right now and due to the absence of their Co-founder, it is difficult to decide to invest in the operational power of their team and the founder. No sharks offer to invest in a business.

Equity Criteria

Cremeitalia in Shark Tank India

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