Anupam Mittal Shark Tank India Judge

Anupam Mittal Shark Tank India Judge

Know about Anupam Mittal’s Biography, Age, investment, and some of his personal information.

Shark Tank India, wiki jay gives you shark tank India updates and Anupam Mittal is the Judge of Shark Tank India.


Anupam Mittal is the founder and chief executive officer (CEO) of (

Anupam Mittal appears as a Sharks Zuriz of Business Reality Show at the Sony Live Entertainment Channel’s program Shark Tank India.

They are also known as serial internet interpreters. Speaking well, he has invested in 150 startups.

Anupam Mittal studied “Micro Strategy. He worked as a product manager in Micro strategy. While working in the United States, he used to visit his father’s office in India. Initially, he used to come to India only to visit.

He was interested in creating the internet, web development, and People’s Groups. In the year 1996- 97, he founded The vision of com was created.

Now he started to understand his audiences, internet popularity, and country. His efforts have brought him to today’s point as his experience and curiosity are on fire.

5 years of recent early, he took his audiences, internet popularity, and understanding of the country.

He worked with a focus on it since 2000 and believed in Future Idea, Trending Technology, and Basic Products made their crippled consumer base with a completely new product feature.

To make such an MLA and open mind on a traditional subject like marriage is new thinking.

The Open and Modern upgrade policy of the Internet was balanced by taking traditional concepts in India’s railway rationality.

Personal Details

Anupam Mittal
NameAnupam Mittal
Birth Date23 December 1971
Birth PlaceMumbai, Maharashtra
Age49 years
Education QualificationM.B.A in the United States
School NameBostan Vishva Vidhyalay
Wife NameAanchal Kumar
Wedding Date4 July 2013
Mother’s NameBhagvati Devi Krushna Mittal
Father’s NameGopal Krishna Mittal
Anupam Mittal’s Personal Details

In 1997, Anupam Mittal founded which led to many ups and downs.

The company has made its presence in its area within a few years, there are more than 30 million on the platform.

Facts about Anupam Mittal

Anupam Mittal Age?

Anupam Mittal’s age is 79

is Anupam Mittal is Married?

Yes, Anupam Mittal is married.

Who is the founder of

Anupam Mittal is the founder of

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