Amrutam- Ayurvedic Solution for all your problems Shark Tank India2    

Amrutam- Ayurvedic Solution for all your problems Shark Tank India2

Shark Tank India Season 2 Amrutam Business which is an Ayurvedic lifestyle brand, sells hair care and skin care products.

Founder of Amrutam

Ashok Gupta, Agnim Gupta, and Stuti Gupta, are the founder of Amrutam Ayurvedic.

Ashok was very interested in Shark Tank India Season 2 Amrutam Business. When he was 20 years old, he used to work as a detector of Ayurvedic products.

He took the experience in creating a network of business in many companies and has made many attempts by working on it.

He worked with his wife Chandrakanta Gupta to expand the Ayurvedic business, but he had lost a lot of money with Vedic knowledge.

He created natural and quality unique products. He has created effective formulations using Ayurveda knowledge to work on health roots.

Company NameAMRUTAM
FounderAshok Gupta Agnim Gupta Stuti Gupta
Ask₹ 50 lakh for 2% equity
Founder of Amrutam



Amrutan was founded in 2006 by Mr. Ashok and Mrs. Chandrakanta gupta.

After running successfully as a family-run enterprise for a decade, in 2016 amrutam suffered a massive setback and financial loss that put the business operations on hold.

Lates this year their children again and Stuti left their jobs and joined the family business.

Company NameAMRUTAM
IndustriesWellness and Fitness Services
Value of Company₹ 25 Crore
Company HeadquartersGwalior, Madhya Pradesh
Company Size10-15 employees
Special ProductsAyurveda, Medicines, Herbal Products, Production, manufacturing, Skincare, Hair Care, Health, Fitness, Wellness, Cruetly Free, Vegan

AMRUTAM Sales Revenue*

2017₹ 2.78 Crore
2019₹ 70 Lakh
2020₹ 2.6 Crore
2021₹ 3.1 Crore
2022₹ 1.1 Crore
2023₹ 3.5 Crore
In India95% Sales
Out Of India5% sales
Per Month Marketing Charge35%
AMRUTAM Sales Revenue

AMRUTAM in Shark Tank India

All the sharks reported that this category has a lot of challenges for the further challenge from profiting from these data and the scale of business is not eligible to invest in it right now.

Therefore, no shark offers this business. And there is no deal in this business

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