Nihar Pandya Biography, Age, Profession and Career, Family background, and many more

Nihar Pandya

Nihar Pandya, professionally, Nihar Pandya is an Indian-based actor and well-known model. Nihar is famous for being the ex-boyfriend of a very famous Indian-based talented actress whose name is Deepika Padukone. 

Because of having an interest in sports, he does not focus on studies so much and he also used to bunk his college to play cricket, Nihar used play cricket for his school and college teams and Nihar also represents his state at the state level cricket team. 

Later on, he worked in Salman Khan’s movie named Marigold, and later on, to build his career in the entertainment industry he joined Anupam Kher’s acting institute to learn acting.

Nihar Pandya was born and brought up in a well-settled and middle-class family in Mumbai, Maharashtra, India on March 28, 1982. Nihar’s current age is 39 years old. Below follow, her rest biography.

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