Dr. Anjali Hooda Net Worth, Age, Biography, Height, Family, and many more

Dr. Anjali Hooda
Dr. Anjali Hooda

Dr. Anjali Hooda

Dr. Anjali Hooda Sangwan is better known by her short name called Anjali Hooda, professionally, Dr. Anjali is an Indian-based well-known obesity expert and nutritionist. Along with this, Dr. Anjali is also popular for being the sister of a popular actor in Bollywood named Deepak Hooda. 

Dr. Anjali Hooda has a diabetes control and weight loss-based clinic named  Live Nutri Fit Health Tech Pvt. Ltd. Which she started five years ago in 2017. Dr. Anjali has appeared in several television shows as a health coach. Anjali was born and brought up in an upper-class and well-settled family in Haryana, India.

Dr. Anjali Hooda’s Net Worth

According to some reports and some public domains, the estimated net worth of Dr. Anjali is approx. the US $5 million. Dr. Anjali Hooda’s main source of income comes from her profession and she also earns from appearing in television shows.

Net worthApprox. the US $5 million
Source of incomeProfession and television shows
Dr. Anjali Hooda Net Worth

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