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Akosia Sabet


Akosia Sabet is known for acting and modeling, she has done many of the movies but the best of them is in the year between 2018 to 2021: Winchester in 2018, Clickbait in 2021, and Secret Bridesmaids’ Business in 2019. she was great in acting and even best in directing and producing movies at a very young age, she was successful in every work she did. When she was just growing up her skills, she changed her mindset on what she wants to be almost every day a people can remember in a famous personality, and she moved towards her profession which she liked. Sabet said that she wanted to do this work for the rest of her life”. Akosia felt happy when she did work that she liked so Sabet moved forward to it.

Akosia was moved back to back for a Clickbait series of drama, even though she mentioned that she was not worried at all for people who talked about her. Sabet plans honestly just to film Clickbait and head straight back to LA, but she was looking for this job and has made things go a little bit easier, knowing that She has something to wait for.

Real NameAkosia Sabet
Nick NameAkosia
ProfessionActress And Producers
Date Of BirthNot Knowing
Day Of Birth She Celebrates in 2022Thursday
Year Of BirthNot Knowing
Birth PlaceNot Knowing
NationalityNot Knowing
Marital StatusUnmarried
Debut TV ShowNot Knowing
Debut MovieWinchester in 2018
HobbiesActing, Modeling & Dance
Zodiac SignAquarius
Age24 to 32 years old
Father NameNot Knowing
Mother NameNot Knowing
No. Of SiblingNot Knowing
Name Of SiblingNot Knowing
Net Worth$ 9 million
No Of MoviesFour
HometownNot Knowing
Famous Movies She Done 1. Winchester in 2018
2.Clickbait in 2021
3. Secret Bridesmaids
4. Business in 2019.
Akosia Sabet Biography


Akosia Sabet was just 24 to 29 years old with a great job in her own field and achieved many awards, rewards including her dreams and what she wanted. Many movies and acting was done happily the series played to blast Sabets’ face across the world and even in the theatre. She moved to her career to be very closely followed by her first major US movie lead. “Netflix” is the biggest streaming services in the world to be part of it cast like that she is humbling. She said evergreen in her life.

AgeMight be 23 to years old
Born PlaceNot Knowing
Birth DateNot Knowing
HometownNot Knowing
Born YearNot Knowing
Celebrate Her BirthdayOn Thursday
Akosia Sabet Age

Family And Personal Life

Akosia Sabet was so possessive that she didn’t like to give or share more information regarding her family members and personal life. Sabet celebrates her birthday every year but she can’t post any of the photos because she doesn’t like publicity anymore. So I did not get much information about her personal life. Akosia was great in the way she did.

Physical Appearance

Through her physical Appearance, she may have been a South African Citizen; Akosia Sabet was gorgeous, beautiful, and Awesome with overloaded cuteness. Happily smiled including her Dimple She most probably wears white and yellow color which suits her very well. Having short curly black hair.

HeightMay be 5’4 to 6’2 inch
WeightMight Be 59 to 68 kg
Hair colorShort Curly Black
Eye ColorBlack
Gender OrientationStraight forward
Skin ColorBlackish Brown
Akosia Sabet Physical Appearance

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